Why the SF Giants should trade pitcher Kyle Harrison

Should the SF Giants trade Kyle Harrison to improve their offense going into 2024?
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Why the SF Giants should trade pitcher Kyle Harrison

Reason #1: the SF Giants need more offense

It is no secret that the SF Giants need more offense. Their offense cratered drastically in the second half and was close to unwatchable for long stretches. 

Basically besides Wilmer Flores, the lineup struggled mightily to do anything at the plate. If they do not make significant additions to the offense, then it would not be at all surprising to see a repeat of that in 2024.

Given that the free agent market is rather sparse when it comes to high-impact bats, the Giants may feel that the most viable route to make improvements to the lineup is via the trade market. 

Kyle Harrison would be an attractive piece to many teams in the MLB. He is incredibly young at 21 and has a really high upside with him already showcasing his strikeout potential in 2023.

Outside of someone like Marco Luciano, Harrison is without question the shiniest and most attractive trade piece that the Giants have to offer. 

The Giants could likely get a good hitter in a swap with a team like the New York Mets for Pete Alonso or maybe even the St. Louis Cardinals if they wanted to go after someone like Paul Goldschmidt or Nolan Arenado. Harrison would probably have to be paired with one or two lower level prospects to land one of those big fish, but it could happen if a team is looking to rebuild and get expensive contracts off the books. 

If Harrison is dealt, it would have to be to improve the offense. Given the fact that he is a local kid and could become a fan favorite if he stays with the Giants, the return would have to be solid.

But given how putrid the Giants offense currently is, the front office may feel they need to deal Harrison if they want to pose any threat to opposing pitchers next season.