Why 2024 may be Blake Snell's first and only season with the SF Giants

The impressive lefty hurler may only spend one season in the orange and black.
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The SF Giants made a huge splash by signing Blake Snell. Last year's Cy Young winner will provide a lot of stability for the Giants and could make their rotation one of the most formidable in the game. However, this marriage may only last one season.

Why 2024 may be Blake Snell's first and only season with the SF Giants

Snell's deal was a huge get for the Giants, but it also came with some caveats. Snell's contract includes an opt-out after the first season.

This should not come as a surprise since Matt Chapman signed a similar deal with the Giants after he too (note: both Scott Boras clients) was unable to secure the long-term deal that he sought.

On the one hand, this is unfortunate. Arguably the two highest-profile signings for the Giants this offseason, Snell and Chapman, may only be Giants for one season if they both perform well this season.

At the same time, this could work to the benefit of the Giants. Snell and Chapman are likely both viewing 2024 as a contract year for them. They know that if they go out and have strong seasons, they will have a chance to re-enter free agency again in just seven months.

The Snell deal is exactly like the Carlos Rodón deal from a few seasons ago and that worked out great for the Giants. They got an All-Star year out of Rodón before he opted out and landed a six-year, $162 million pact with the New York Yankees. Nevertheless, the southpaw's first season in New York was disastrous, but he is looking to rebound in 2024.

One of the biggest questions surrounding Snell this offseason was his ability to be consistent and how much longevity he could have. For now, the Giants do not have to worry about that since they gave him a short-term deal.

While it is a bit troubling that Snell's contract could only last for one season, that should not be the brunt of the focus. For 2024 they will have last year's Cy Young winner, a guy who hit 36 homers in 2023, a four-time Gold Glover, and an exciting player who tore it up in the KBO. Not to mention valuable veteran contributors like Logan Webb and Wilmer Flores.

Even if it is only intact for one season, Giants fans have more to be excited about on the field than they have had in a good long while.