Who should new SF Giants manager Bob Melvin add to his coaching staff?

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With the hire of Bob Melvin as the next SF Giants manager, there are now plenty of questions yet to be answered as far as his staff is concerned. 

Who should new SF Giants manager Bob Melvin add to his coaching staff?

To make a coaching staff, we must first figure out who should stay. Of the coaches from the previous regime, the only ones I feel comfortable keeping are Mark Hallberg and Kai Correa. Part of this is they have been key to the team previously. 

However, this does not mean they should retain their same roles. I think they’ve earned the right to be involved somehow. When a new regime comes in, it only makes sense to help bridge the gap. It’s worth mentioning that the coaches on the previous staff were not necessarily the problem either. 

As far as a former Giants that would make a whole lot of sense to add to the staff given his time already spent with Melvin, Matt Williams would be on the top of the list to bring back to the orange and black.

There is good news here. According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser, it appears as if Williams will be joining the new staff. I would expect Williams to take over as the team's third base coach, as this has been a role he had with Melvin already. Therefore, Hallberg should be moving to first base if he stays on the staff. 

The Slusser story also mentions that the team could get Bryan Price to be its director of pitching. Price was the manager of the Reds previously and has coached with Melvin in Seattle and Arizona. Perhaps it would make more sense for Price to become the pitching coach instead of the director of pitching. This could definitely be on the table.

As for Correa, there are a lot of places he could fit in. It would make some sense for him to continue in his role as the team’s bench coach. He served as manager after the Giants fired Gabe Kapler. He also has an infield background. I’m not sure where the best role is for Correa, but I think he’s too valuable to let walk. Slusser mentioned that the team is likely to hold onto a lot of the old staff. 

The Bob Melvin era will be starting in San Francisco. It’s a bright spot for the organization to get a good baseball guy. The staff around him is also something that he and the team must get right. Melvin should have a chance to sit down with members of the staff previous to him and choose who he wants.