What If...? The SF Giants were in the Marvel Universe?

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What If...? The SF Giants were in the Marvel Universe?

13. Evan Longoria suits up as War Machine

Evan Longoria
Division Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants - Game Five / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Aside from that moonshot that stole Game 3 of the NLDS in Los Angeles, Evan Longoria's 2021 campaign has been plagued by injury and lack of consistent contact. Just as Don Cheadle's War Machine stumbled across the sky in Captain America: Civil War, ultimately damaging his ability to walk, it seems Longoria's list of injuries and set backs have led to many a struggles at the plate. Still, Longoria provides veteran leadership, calm and collected defense, and experienced perspective that can be compared to War Machine's calm demeanor. Let's hope like War Machine, Longo regains his ability to wage battle at the plate.

14. Kevin Gausman as Ironman

Fancy suit to the Oscar's? Check. Quick witted pop culture references and tweets? Check. Ability to turn on the GAUS and get through some of the most stressful of situations? Check. Kevin Gausman's clearly our Ironman. Whether it be his workhorse mentality or his persistence to strand runners on base, Kevin's got that Tony Stark-type confidence and charisma that's forced his way into many a fans' hearts as our season opener and veteran Ace. Hoping we resign him, it would be pretty cool to see him walk out to the mound to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" in game 1 of the 2022 season. I already have chills picturing it!

15. Logan Webb as... you guessed it, Spiderman!

Please forgive me for the spider name puns, but this one made too much sense. The young ace from Rocklin busted through the NLDS scene, making his presence known. The youth, the tenacity, the webslinging king of sinkers, it all connects our rising ace to Peter Parker aka Spiderman. It also fits well with Gausman's Ironman comparison. Tony Stark mentored and guided Peter Parker just as Gausman's served the role of big brother and mentor for Logan Webb. As much as we miss Tony Stark as Peter Parker's pseudo father figure, I'd be even more devastated with Gausman and Webb fail to reunite in 2022. Two aces are better than one. Please make it happen Farhan!

16. Doval as The Scarlet Witch

We all had a feeling Camilo Doval would be able to throw controlled fire eventually, but many of us were surprised he'd rise as the go-to 9th inning arm as early as 2021. Similar to Wanda Maximoff's immensive power and growth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Camilo Doval has developed just as quickly into a powerhouse closer. This match also helps given they both sport reddish-orange glowing hair. Though things didn't go his way during his last outing in Game 5 of the NLDS, there is plenty of potential and optimism for Camilo's magic on the late-game mound. Wanda lost her "sons" and Vision in Wandavision, Doval unfortunately gave up the winning runs in game 5. But just as Wanda introduced us to the unfathomable reality changing powers of the Scarlet Witch, many believe Doval can deliver similarly as our lights out closer of the future.