What If...? The SF Giants were in the Marvel Universe?

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Screening At Fox Theatre
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1. What If.... we take the 2021 SF Giants and compare them to our beloved Marvel Characters?

Buster Posey, SF Giants
Division Series - San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Four / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

After an emotionally draining post-season, 107 win season, and the retirement of SF Giants legend Buster Posey (miss you Buster <3), it's been a whirlwind of emotions for many of us Giants fans. What nice way to distract ourselves from that incorrect check swing call than to combine two of my favorite fandoms as a love letter to this 2021 SF Giants roster. With Farhan Zaidi playing Nick Fury, assembling the ultimate baseball avengers, let's build the Giants-MCU multiverse and compare who from this season took on heroic roles similar to the ageless Marvel heroes!

What If...? The SF Giants were in the Marvel Universe?

2. Captain Buster

The First Avenger, the Beginning and End of a Giant Era: no player exhibits the gravitas, the silent strength and timeless persistence of Captain America than our own Gerald Dempsey Posey III. I know we've had Captain Brandon Belt thrown out there, but when we really think about it, no other player has shaped this era of SF Giants baseball and the legacy of this franchise since 2010 than Buster Posey. His catcher's mask and gear serve as his Captain America mask and suit, his catcher's glove serves as his shield, and like Captain America post frozen in an iceberg, Posey returned from the 2020 season hiatus a stronger and even more prolific face of the franchise. Now as the sun sets on Posey's tenure as a player, the transition of this All-Star's "shield" serves to represent the franchise's transformation into an evolved team. Just as the captain passed on the shield to Sam Wilson, we will see in 2022 who takes up the mantle of team leader.

3. Crawford, Winter Soldier

The Metallic Arm, the long flowing hair, the aura of actions over words, no Giant represents the cool and collected presence of Bucky the Winter Soldier like our Gold Glove shortstop Brandon Crawford. Just as Bucky reworked his lost arm through Wakandan vibranium and transformed his outlook on life, we saw Crawford similarly transform his hitting approach and shift from a glove-first shortstop to a multitalented star earning him fourth place on the 2021 NL MVP race. Like Buster Posey, Crawford has been in the Orange and Black for his professional career and has in a way taken a leadership role within the clubhouse.

4. Lamonte Wade Jr. FOREVER!

From his prolific crossarm "Wakanda Forever" celebration around the bases, LaMonte Wade Jr. has won the hearts of fans in his breakout season with the Orange and Black. Our 2021 Willie Mac Award Winner has definitely turned some heads with his power, his maturity, and his growth as a cornerstone of this Giants offense. Everyone loves a good story. Wade's journey from late bloomer obtained in a trade with the Minnesota Twins for Shaun Anderson to earning the beloved moniker "Late Night Lamonte" for his clutch hitting is a narrative made for movies. As T'Challa honors his deep connections to his family, Giants fandom fell in love with Wade's supportive Mom hyping her son up from McCovey Cove as his homerun ball sailed above her head. Wade's fandom and story continue to grow just as quickly as the Black Panther's debut film in 2018. I am definitely a fan of LWJ and his continued success in Orange and Black. Dare I say it: Wade-kanda forever. (Sorry, I'll see myself out.....)