Updated SF Giants outfield depth chart after flurry of injuries

Here is an updated depth chart for the Giants outfield after a number of injuries.
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Tyler Fitzgerald
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4. Tyler Fitzgerald

Tyler Fitzgerald may be the best center fielder on the active roster right now. We know he is capable of playing all over the diamond, but his speed makes him a great outfielder. He will definitely play against lefties but could see at-bats against righties as well given the circumstances.

5. LaMonte Wade Jr.

LaMonte Wade Jr. has been the best hitter on the Giants this year, so look for manager Bob Melvin to keep his bat in the lineup any way possible. He will still see most of his time at first base, but if Melvin needs to be creative he will not hesitate to put Wade at one of the corner outfield spots. He already did it earlier this year when Yastrzemski was unavailable due to his wife giving birth so expect to see Wade in the outfield more often.

6. Thairo Estrada

Thairo Estrada is another Giant who has been hitting well recently. His defense at second base has been really solid so Melvin may be reluctant to move him from there, but Estrada has shown he can play a serviceable left field in the past. It may not be ideal, but Thairo may have to play some innings in the outfield due to the circumstances.

7. Blake Sabol

Blake Sabol was called up because of injuries to both of the Giants' catchers. With Patrick Bailey back, Sabol could potentially see more time in left field like last year. Some may even remember that he was the Opening Day left fielder in 2023, so the super versatile catcher may see some time at that position once again.

These are not ideal circumstances, but with so many outfielders injured we may see some unorthodox outfield configurations for the Giants as they try to win games despite being shorthanded in the outfield.