Three buy-low starting pitching targets that the SF Giants could target at the trade deadline

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At 41-39, the SF Giants are in a position where they will likely be on the bubble of the playoff picture when the trade deadline comes around next month. There are a few buy-low starting pitching options who could make sense to bolster the rotation.

Three buy-low starting pitching targets that the SF Giants could target at the trade deadline

As a unit in 2022, the Giants rotation has posted a 3.91 ERA, which ranks as the 12-best mark in baseball. This is not a bad position, but there is room for improvement.

Given how the season has progressed, it is obvious that there are multiple holes to fill on the roster. One move will not fix everything, so if they did make a move, it will likely be one that makes sense from a cost standpoint.

What that means is they may not be looking at the top of the trade market, but rather they could look at low-cost alternatives that fit the Giants' appetite for risk tolerance.

1. Detroit Tigers starter Michael Pineda

The Giants built a rotation that was high in injury risk and adding a pitcher like Michael Pineda only adds to that risk. That said, Pineda fits the Giants' mold for a starting pitcher in that he is a consistent strike-thrower.

The 33-year-old pitcher has only made 28 starts since the start of 2021 due to a couple of injuries including a fractured finger this year. However, when he is healthy, the nine-year veteran continues to perform well.

In seven starts this year, Pineda has registered a 3.62 ERA, 5.43 FIP, 1.17 WHIP, 4.7 K/9, and a 2.83 SO/W ratio with the Detroit Tigers. These numbers are relatively similar to his performance last year with the Minnesota Twins.

Though, the dip in his strikeout numbers is a bit of a red flag. The righty signed a one-year, $5.75 million contract last winter, so he would only be a rental. Given his performance, injury history and contract, Pineda can likely be acquired for a mid-level prospect.

He is not a perfect fit as he is more of a flyball pitcher (42.5% flyball rate in 2022), but with how the Giants' defense has performed this year, a couple of extra flyballs may not be a bad compromise.