This shocking SF Giants statistic reveals recent first-round draft failures

A shocking statistic shows just how much the SF Giants have struggled to get value out of their first round draft picks over the last decade.
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It is no surprise that the SF Giants have struggled to draft players that have had a massive impact as of late. A shocking statistic really quantifies just how little value they have gotten from their first-round draft picks for the last decade.

This shocking SF Giants statistic reveals recent first-round draft failures

The statistic was posted by the BrooksGate account on the social media platform X. The account posted a chart compiling the total WAR of every MLB team's first round picks over the course of the past decade.

Believe it or not, the Giants rank dead last out of all MLB teams in this category. The collective Giants' first-round picks have a combined WAR of -0.1. Their top first-round pick in terms of WAR has been Patrick Bailey who has a WAR of 0.8 in his young career.

The following list is every single first-round pick the Giants have selected over the last 10 years: Tyler Beede (2014), Phil Bickford (2015), Chris Shaw (2015), Heliot Ramos (2017), Joey Bart (2018), Hunter Bishop (2019), Patrick Bailey (2020), Will Bednar (2021), Reggie Crawford (2022), Bryce Eldridge (2023).

Of course, we cannot pass judgment on all of these picks. Bailey has a lot of promise and seems to be the catcher of the future for the Giants. Ramos has shown promise in camp and could compete for a roster spot. But Beede, Bickford, and Shaw are no longer on the Giants. Bart is likely to be traded soon.

The picks from the last few years are also still progressing through the minor league system. We will have to wait and see how they turn out and if they can be contributors for the Giants at the major league level.

This is part of why the Giants have struggled in recent years. Their farm system has not been able to produce big league talent at the level the team would like so they have relied a lot on trades and free agent signings to fill out their major league roster. That is why their rosters tend to lean on the older side. You just do not typically find youth in free agency.

In some fairness to the Giants, drafting is an inexact science. However, you have to have more success than they have had over the past decade. That can be a model of success, but the Giants will need to start drafting better and getting more out of their homegrown talent if they truly want to be competitors in the National League going forward.