SF Giants top executive throws cold water on major trade at deadline

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The SF Giants have some roster needs to address at the trade deadline. However, team president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi threw cold water on making any major additions at the deadline.

SF Giants top executive throws cold water on major trade at deadline

Zaidi told Shayna Rubin of the San Francisco Chronicle that they feel comfortable with the current roster and returning veterans:

"When I look at our team, we have pretty solid players at every spot in the field... We have a rotation that’s getting healthier and a bullpen that’s done a nice job. So nothing jumps out as a spot where we need an emergency plug in."

Farhan Zaidi

Of course, Zaidi shared similar sentiments before signing both Matt Chapman and Blake Snell late in the offseason. There could be a kernel of truth to his confidence in the roster, but front office executives rarely relay their intentions around this time of year.

That said, Zaidi did make a point that there are not too many areas where there is a clear case to upgrade. Perhaps, the bullpen is an area to address as the team has struggled to a 4.36 ERA in 2024. Or, they could use another middle infielder after parting ways with veteran shortstop Nick Ahmed.

The rotation will be a tough spot to address. Even if it is not a strength at this point in time, the Giants do expect both Alex Cobb and Robbie Ray to return soon. They will not have much time to evaluate the rotation at full strength before the deadline, so in some sense, they will be rolling the dice on this group before they know what they have.

On the other hand, the lineup has few obvious needs. The Giants are slashing .244/315/.389 (103 wRC+) with an 8.7 percent walk rate, 22.0 strikeout rate, and a .145 ISO. These are not bad numbers, and in fact, enough to win some games with the offense. The overall lineup will not overwhelm the opponent, but it can get the job done.

The lineup does not have a glaring weakness either. Maybe they could use another outfielder if the Mike Yastrzemski/Luis Matos platoon does not work out. As mentioned above, a veteran middle infielder makes a lot of sense.

Perhaps, the biggest issue with the lineup remains that it consists primarily of role players. Sure, the Giants could look to trade for an upgrade over Yastrzemski at the deadline, but is the cost worth the marginal improvement in production? That is something that the front office will need to weigh.

While Zaidi's comments will definitely stir up some emotion, it is not too dissimilar to what many front offices are saying. Plus, it is hard to gauge what to address when the list of sellers has not fully come into focus yet. The trade deadline is three weeks away and a lot can change before then.