SF Giants: Three Right Handed Power Hitting Outfield Targets

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SF Giants: Three Right Handed Power Hitting Outfield Targets

2. Andrew McCutchen

This may be a more unlikely name for the SF Giants to pursue, but Andrew McCutchen could still be a viable right handed power bat for the team.

We all remember the trade that sent Andrew McCutchen to the Giants in exchange for Bryan Reynolds and Kyle Crick. The Giants management at the time made the decision to compete in 2018 which is why they also traded for third baseman Evan Longoria.

Looking back, the trade was a mistake as the Giants did not make the playoffs in 2018 and traded McCutchen at the end of that season. Meanwhile, Reynolds has become the best player on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Just because of this negative history does not mean McCutchen cannot help the team in 2022. Last season with the Phillies he hit .222/.334/.444 with 27 home runs and 80 RBI. McCutchen could make for a good platoon player in left field with LaMonte Wade Jr. with numbers like that and could serve as a mentor to some of the younger Giants outfielders.

This reunion may not be likely, but it would help the Giants out in a niche role in 2022.