SF Giants: Three Right Handed Power Hitting Outfield Targets

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The SF Giants could benefit from adding a right-handed power hitter before the 2022 regular season. This article will examine three potential targets.

SF Giants: Three Right Handed Power Hitting Outfield Targets

Coming off of a season in which the SF Giants won a franchise-record 107 games, it is hard to believe that there are areas in which they can improve the team. But as we know, the San Francisco Giants have been looking for a right-handed, power-hitting outfielder for quite some time.

They have had this very model of player in the not-too-distant past. Hunter Pence fit this mold as a right handed power hitter. The team had Adam Duvall who would grow to be a premier right handed power hitter but traded him before he reached his potential. One could even make the argument that Kris Bryant fit this mold last year even though he played all over the diamond.

With an outfield that, if the team made no other moves before the 2022 season, would consist of lefties Mike Yastrzemski, LaMonte Wade Jr., and Steven Duggar, the need for a strong right-handed bat is clear. While Austin Slater and Darin Ruf proved they can hit the long ball, they seem much better suited for platoon roles which is where they thrived last season.

The Giants may decide that they want a right-handed outfield bat that can play every single day for the team. If the front office decides that is a priority, then there are three players that they could target.