SF Giants third baseman praises Perfect Game in the World Series

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants
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Usually, when an umpire is in the news, it means that there was an egregiously bad call made. That is not the case this time around as it was confirmed that home plate umpire Pat Hoberg called a perfect game in Game 2 of the World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros. SF Giants third baseman Evan Longoria praised Hoberg's effort.

SF Giants third baseman praises Perfect Game in the World Series

After each game, an umpire scorecard is published that grades an umpire's work behind the plate. It highlights accuracy, consistency, and the top missed calls in terms of run expectancy. That last detail is extremely important because a missed call can change the dynamic of an at-bat as well as the outcome of a game. In the case of Hoberg, he was literally in the zone on Saturday night as he did not miss a single call.

Major League Baseball (MLB) deserves some credit for ensuring that the best umpires are calling the most important games of the season. If an errant call overshadows a World Series game, then it really reflects poorly on the overall product. That was not an issue at all with Hoberg as he called 129 taken pitches correctly.

It bears mentioning that MLB umpires, as a whole, are improving as they receive immediate feedback on their performance. They have a tough job and they do a nice job for the most part. Giants third baseman Evan Longoria wasted no time in recognizing Hoberg on social media for his impressive performance:

The veteran third baseman thinks highly of Hoberg and made a really good point about the home plate umpire having his best performance in one of the most important games of the season.

Longoria rarely questions calls during the game, so it is not surprising to see him be so complimentary of Hoberg. The 15-year veteran plans to continue his playing career in 2023. However, whether that is with the Giants or another team is up for debate.

The Giants hold a $13 million team option on Longoria that includes a $5 million buyout. One way or another, the Giants will pay Longoria $5 million in 2023, but they have to decide if he is worth an additional $8 million.

That decision will be made soon as the Giants will have to decide on the team option at the beginning of the offseason. In the meantime, Longoria appears to be enjoying the World Series and appreciates a well-called game.