SF Giants News: Carlos Correa, Dom Núñez, and Jake Jewell

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The Carlos Correa saga remains unresolved as his camp and the New York Mets look to add language into the contract that protects both parties. Both sides have been tight-lipped about negotiations since New York raised concerns about Correa's surgically-repaired leg. According to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, Correa's camp remains in contact with another team as discussions with the Mets stagnate.

SF Giants News: Carlos Correa's camp remains in contact with at least one other team

We do know that the Giants have been in contact with Correa's representatives recently but they recognize that he was focused on a deal elsewhere. Could the Giants be the mystery team still involved with Correa?

That remains to be seen. Correa and his agent, Scott Boras appear to be motivated to get a deal done with the Mets, especially considering how much time they have spent in negotiations.

So, this feels like something that was leaked by Boras as a way to pressure the Mets to strike a deal. Of course, Correa and Boras need to keep their options open in case a deal falls through. It could be a mixture of both.

Correa's camp pivoted quickly off of the Giants' deal as soon as concerns were raised during his physical. They likely cannot make the same type of pivot with the Mets without a substantial change in contract terms. Correa may want to be a Met, but he and Boras are equally motivated to maximize his payday as well.

SF Giants News: Dom Núñez signs minor league deal with the Chicago Cubs

Veteran backstop Dom Núñez has signed a minor league pact with the Chicago Cubs according to the team's transaction page. This will include a camp invite.

You might be wondering how this is considered Giants news? Well, Núñez was briefly with the Giants organization this winter. His tenure was a little less than 10 days.

He was claimed off of waivers from the Colorado Rockies at the beginning of November and he was non-tendered later in the month, thereby becoming a free agent. He will have a chance at making the Cubs' roster in camp.

SF Giants News: Jake Jewell signs minor league deal with the Philadelphia Phillies

Veteran starter Jake Jewell signed a minor league deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. Presumably, this will include a camp invite.

Jewell has had two separate stints on the Giants' 40-man roster. The 29-year-old was selected off of waivers by San Francisco from the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2020. He did not play for the Giants that season and became a free agent.

The righty rejoined the Giants at the end of the 2021 season in a waiver claim from the Dodgers. Notice a theme here? Jewell has posted a 7.75 ERA in parts of three seasons with the Los Angeles Angels and the Cubs.