SF Giants need these four free agents to have a successful offseason

As the Dodgers add more and more talent, the SF Giants could go on a spending spree the rest of free agency to try to close the gap.
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Marcus Stroman
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SF Giants need these four free agents to have a successful offseason

3. Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman has spoken glowingly about the Giants organization in the past, so it would make sense for the Giants to be able to lure him to San Francisco this time around.

Stroman would be a nice counterweight to Blake Snell because he is more of a Logan Webb-style pitcher. He pounds the strike zone, gets lots of ground balls, and can eat up innings when he is healthy.

When Alex Cobb returns from injury and the Giants have a rotation that could consist of Webb, Snell, Stroman, Cobb, and Harrison, it would be one of the most formidable rotations in the game and would allow the Giants to be competitive.

Matt Chapman
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4. Matt Chapman

If you’re going to have a rotation that mostly consists of pitchers that put the ball on the ground, then it makes sense to have one of the best defensive third basemen in the game in the form of Matt Chapman manning the hot corner for you.

While there are question marks about how consistent Chapman could be at the plate, there are no question marks when it comes to his glove. He would be an upgrade over J.D. Davis at third base and would allow the Giants to trade Davis.

The Giants know that they need to improve defensively. They have already done so by adding Lee. If they were to add Bellinger and Chapman they would likely have a really defensively sound team, especially compared to last year.

The odds that the Giants are able to land all four of these free agents is slim. But there is reporting that links the Giants to all of these free agents.

As we have seen in recent years with the Mets and Padres, going crazy in free agency does not automatically mean you will be successful.

However, it does signal to the fanbase that you are at least trying your best to win and field a watchable, entertaining team. After a few years of mediocre, at time boring, Giants baseball, this aggressive approach to free agency would go a long way towards rebuilding trust among the fanbase.