SF Giants midseason top 30 prospects: New No. 1, power hitter falls from top spot

Now that the first half of the 2024 Minor League season is over, it is now time to re-assess the Giants prospects pecking order.
Bryce Eldridge leads the Giants prospects rankings at the midway mark of the 2024 season.
Bryce Eldridge leads the Giants prospects rankings at the midway mark of the 2024 season. / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages
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SF Giants midseason top 30 prospects: New No. 1, power hitter falls from top spot

6. Carson Whisenhunt P
FB 50/50 | CH 80/80 | CB 45/45 | CMD 45/50
PV 40 | FV 45

Whisenhunt has been doing quite well in the PCL this season, registering solid stats relative to the offensive-focused environment. And yet, there is little to no talk about his potential big-league promotion, which was on the front page of prospect-related content last year. There were a couple of bad starts early this season but he strung together a stretch of good performance.

We already know what the changeup is all about. It is an all-world pitch that is sure to be one of the very best individual pitches in the Majors once he gets there. However, one might say that the Whiz stalled out in terms of development. His fastball velocity was similar to last year but its mediocre life is now getting exposed in Triple-A. Getting squeezed at times by the ABS also did not help his cause. He’s also struggled to develop his curveball to a true swing-and-miss offering. He was flirting with a slider early on this season but curiously scrapped it not long after.

7. Rayner Arias OF
Hit 20/50 | Raw Power 50/55 | Game Power 40/50 | Speed 55/55 | Arm 55/55 | Field 50/50
PV 20 | FV 45

Arias has plenty of believers in the Giants community and it is not difficult to see why. He possibly has the best package of tools in the Giants farm system. Injuries hampered his playing time, with him only playing until recently due to an injury in Extended Spring Training.

Even though he is just starting his career, Arias has been lauded for his rather advanced skill set for a teenager. His more recent clips have shown him to be a more dynamic player than initially thought. Aside from being able to hit for both average and power, he's also shown the ability to stick up the middle as opposed to eventually moving to the corner outfield. He's shown the range and his frame is chiseled yet dynamic. One negative thing that is noticeable so far in his young career is his struggle with breaking balls where he takes breaking balls in the zone while chasing balls outside the zone. He seems to not have an issue with velocity but anything with good movement fazes him so far. If he can correct that, the tools are there for him to fully take off.

8. Tyler Fitzgerald SS
Hit 40/40 | Raw Power 55/55 | Game Power 40/45 | Speed 70/70 | Arm 50/50 | Field 50/50
PV 40 | FV 40

Fitzgerald might be what you call a quintessential AAAA-type player. He's done well this season in limited playing time with San Francisco but has shown the potential to absolutely turn on the jets in the PCL, bashing homers and wreaking havoc on the bases.

We essentially know what Fitzgerald is all about at this point. His rather grooved swing will limit how much contact he generates but he has a good feel for the strike zone and will take his walks from time to time. His range and defensive versatility seemed like an asset in the big leagues, but with the crowded position player groups, having Fitzgerald play a wide variety of positions at least at an average rate while continuing to hone his bat might not be good for his development. He will prove his value once the youth movement and a player of his skillset is needed.

9. Grant McCray OF
Hit 30/30 | Raw Power 55/55 | Game Power 40/45 | Speed 60/60 | Arm 55/55 | Field 60/60
PV 40 | FV 40

McCray has brought a lot of divisive opinions from the Giants community throughout the past two seasons, but most especially, this season. He was off to an abysmal start to the 2024 season, got hot in May, cooled off once again in June, received a relatively surprising Sacramento call-up in the second week of June, and has been solid if not spectacular with the River Cats so far. He is also eligible for a 40-man spot, something that the Giants are clearly considering right now as they continue to evaluate whether he is worth adding to the roster given the season that the likes of Heliot Ramos and Brett Wisely currently is having and with Luis Matos and Tyler Fitzgerald still in the mix.

The biggest supporters of McCray will continue to point out the athleticism, the tools, and the legitimate ability to stick up the middle. When he's on, he can single-handedly change the game with his muscle, legs, and glove. The biggest critics of his will point out the grooved nature of swing as opposing pitchers continue to exploit McCray's biggest weakness in the batter's box which is fastballs up in the zone and playing off that. Comparisons to Steven Duggar have been long attached to McCray for a few years now, and it looks like it will not deviate anytime soon.

10. Jhonny Level SS
Hit 20/45 | Raw Power 55/55 | Game Power 30/50 | Speed 55/55 | Arm 45/45 | Field 40/45
PV 20 | FV 40

Level signed for a million dollars in the latest international free agent cycle and has come into the 2024 season as one of the most exciting prospects in the Felipe Alou Academy. He was slow out of the box to begin his first pro season but he is now picking up the pace, hitting for average, power, and flashing his present wheels.

Even though he is just 17 years old, Level is already yoked. His frame is already well-built with a near-chiseled body but offers little to no projection remaining. That gives him plenty of power for a guy a couple of inches under six feet. It also results in an explosive swing on both sides of the batter's box. His ability to fire his hips and flick his wrists is very impressive though one would wonder if he can maintain that level of explosion as he gets older. He has above-average speed and is an aggressive base stealer but could still use more discipline. He only has fringy arm strength even though has the range for shortstop which should prompt him to move to second base once necessary. Until then, he should stick at shortstop where he is still improving his fundamentals.