SF Giants likely to tender all arbitration-eligible players a contract for 2024 with latest projections

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants / Brandon Vallance/GettyImages

The SF Giants have six arbitration-eligible players on the books for this winter. MLB Trade Rumors released its 2024 projected salaries for arbitration-eligible players, which seems to confirm that all six will be tendered a contract.

SF Giants likely to tender all arbitration-eligible players a contract for 2024 with latest projections

The first step in this process occurs typically in November when teams decide which of their arbitration-eligible players will be tendered a contract for the following season. If they are tendered a contract, then the player and team will determine a salary for the upcoming season. This is normally done informally or through the arbitration process.

For the Giants, they have six players who are eligible for raises this winter. This includes Thairo Estrada, J.D. Davis, Mike Yastrzemski, Tyler Rogers, LaMonte Wade Jr., and Austin Slater. Davis and Slater will be entering their final year of arbitration before entering free agency. The other four still have multiple years of team control remaining.

MLB Trade rumors listed the projected salaries as follows:

Slater - $3.6 million

Davis - $6.8 million

Yastrzemski - $7.3 million

Wade Jr. -$3.3 million

Rogers - $3.2 million

Estrada - $4.8 million

Total - $29.0 million

None of the six are receiving an unusually high salary where the team has to consider whether it wants to keep them or not. These are all easy decisions and the Giants will likely tender all six a contract with these estimates in mind.

Estrada is coming off of the best season from the bunch and was the best overall contributor among Giants position players. He posted a .731 OPS with 14 home runs in 530 plate appearances while playing above-average defense at second base.

Rogers would be one of the tougher Giants players to replace as he tallied a 3.04 ERA while handling a heavy workload this past season. Though, there would be some trade value if the Giants considered moving the 32-year-old. I think that is unlikely.

Davis, Yastrzemski, and Wade Jr. all had good stretches in 2023 but struggled with consistency. Yastrzemski and Davis played solid defense while flashing just enough with the bat while Wade Jr. turned into an on-base machine. All three are solid role players, and for their respective costs, this is an easy decision.

Slater is not too dissimilar to Davis Yastrzemski, and Wade Jr. He has carved out a niche as a strong option against left-handed pitching while being able to cover all three outfield positions. He hit a slump midway through the season and struggled to recover from it. Still, the Giants like what he brings to the table.

With all that being said, these are easy decisions, but I would not rule out the Giants tendering any of them a contract and then trading any one of them later in the winter. Estrada and Rogers seem unlikely, but the front office will likely consider whether they can try to upgrade one of the roles that Davis, Yastrzemski, or Slater fill. Whether that is through free agency or a return from a trade.