SF Giants legend Will Clark roasts Dodgers fan following happy birthday request

Cleveland Indians v San Francisco Giants
Cleveland Indians v San Francisco Giants / Jason O. Watson/GettyImages

SF Giants legend Will Clark played in eight seasons with the Giants, meaning that he has a good grasp on the rivalry with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The fire from that rivalry still burns to this day and he proved that yet again recently on social media.

SF Giants legend Will Clark roasts Dodgers fan following happy birthday request

Clark received a request on Twitter to wish a Giants fan a happy birthday. There is nothing unusual about this, but the person making the request admitted that he was a lifelong Dodgers fan. So, the longtime first baseman not only wished the Giants fan a happy birthday but roasted the Dodgers fan in the process:

If Dave takes Clark's advice, he will be looking for new friends immediately. That said, this is a pretty cool and funny birthday present in its own right.

Later this month, Clark's place in Giants history will be forever etched in stone as San Francisco will be retiring his No. 22 prior to a game against the Chicago Cubs on July 30. In 15 seasons, Clark had plenty of memorable moments on the baseball field including blasting a home run off of Nolan Ryan in his first career at-bat or fighting with the entire St. Louis Cardinals infield.

In a bit of an oddity, Clark finished his career with the Cardinals in 2000. However, doing a retirement ceremony before a game against the Cubs is rather fitting given that he had an at-bat that was not only memorable but changed an element of the game.

Clark faced off against Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux in Game 1 of the NLCS in 1989 against the Cubs. Before stepping to the plate in the fourth inning with the bases load, Maddux and catcher Rick Wrona talked about how to approach Clark.

Clark read Maddux's lips calling for a fastball on the inner half. The very next pitch was a fastball on the inner half, which Clark launched into right field for a grand slam. Since then, catchers and pitchers using their gloves to cover their mouths when they communicate during a mound visit.

The retirement ceremony is long overdue but it is better late than never. Plus, it is good to see that Clark still has his dry sense of humor, especially when it comes to the Dodgers.