SF Giants City Connect jerseys voted as among the worst in MLB

It appears that the SF Giants City Connect jerseys are not too popular.
Houston Astros v San Francisco Giants
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The SF Giants have had pretty consistent jerseys since they moved to Oracle Park in 2000. However, their newest edition debuted in 2021 with the controversial City Connect jerseys. These jerseys were voted as among the worst City Connect jerseys in MLB.

SF Giants City Connect jerseys voted as among the worst in MLB

It is rare for a team to go as long as the Giants have without a major overhaul of their uniforms. Since the team moved to Oracle Park back in 2000, their cream-colored home jersey and main road uniform have remained essentially the same.

There have been slight alterations over the years like adding last names to the back of home jerseys several years ago. They have also added different alternate uniforms like the "Orange Friday" jerseys as well as the black jerseys for Saturday games at home.

The biggest shakeup for Giants uniforms came in 2021 when the City Connect uniforms were debuted. The uniforms feature a fog element on the logo, but also feature a crisp white as opposed to the cream color of usual home uniforms. The orange is also a different shade of orange than the one usually found on their home uniforms.

Like anything, there are some who like the jerseys and some who do not. For what it is worth, the Giants have a winning record while wearing these uniforms.

Recently, The Athletic ranked the City Connect uniforms for every MLB team that has one (subscription required). It may surprise some that they ranked the Giants 24th out of 28 for these uniforms. The writers grading the uniforms said that they looked unfinished or that the varying "SF" and "G" logos clashed too much. One even said that the team looks like "containers of orange sherbet."

This is a bit of an odd complaint because these same writers also ranked the San Diego Padres 5th best for their City Connects, and anyone who has watched them play in those disgusting uniforms cannot help but think of sherbet in a much different light.

Of course, grading uniforms is a very inexact science and really just comes down to taste. Even though these particular writers are not big fans of the Giants' City Connect uniforms, fans can take solace in the fact that they ranked the Dodgers dead last. The Giants may not have a better record than the Dodgers this year, but at least they have better uniforms.