SF Giants are reportedly favorites to sign top international shortstop in next year's cycle

The best Dominican amateur prospect is expected to sign with the SF Giants on January 15, 2025.
Mom, the Giants might have done it again.
Mom, the Giants might have done it again. / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The SF Giants have been one of the bigger players in the international amateur free agent market in recent years, signing the likes of Marco Luciano, Aeverson Arteaga, Ryan Reckley, Rayner Arias, Yohendry Sanchez, and Jhonny Level to seven-figure deals. The organization is once again on play to add another top talent once the next FA window opens on January 15, 2025. This time, however, they are in play to sign one of the, if not the, biggest talents available.

SF Giants are reportedly favorites to sign top international shortstop in next year's cycle

According to Baseball America's Ben Badler (subscription needed), Dominican shortstop prospect Josuar Gonzalez is expected to sign with the Giants. Back in the middle of January, GPT already hinted at the possibility. Badler is as respectable of a source as there is, so Badler confirming the link is already very promising.

Gonzalez is considered by plenty of scouts as the best Dominican prospect in next year's cycle, because of the looming potential posting of Japanese pitching prodigy Roki Sasaki. That does not mean that Gonzalez does not have the prodigious potential because he has.

He is a very twitchy athlete with a plus-plus raw speed where he makes an impact on the base paths as well as on defense. His defense at short already looks advanced for his age, with easy, assertive actions as well as having a strong arm and soft hands.

The bat speed is also advanced for his age, considering that he is a switch hitter. His present strength is already enough for him to hit balls out of the park in batting practice. His power might not be prodigal but the bat does not look heavy when he swings it and the reports of his approach at the plate are promising.

Personally speaking, Gonzalez is already as promising as Marco Luciano as a teenager. Gonzalez has a better chance of sticking at shortstop. Overall, the player profile (switch-hitting shortstop with a complete skillset) is reminiscent of Mets superstar Francisco Lindor.

I am not saying that Gonzalez is a future Hall of Famer like where Lindor is heading but the tools are already oozing. There is a potential that Gonzalez is a top-five prospect in the Giants farm system when he signs and it is nothing but positive for the Giants who are looking for their next long-term star shortstop with Brandon Crawford already out of the door.