SF Giants all-time starting lineup by WAR

The Giants have had some absolute studs wear their uniform over the years. Here is a look at the best of the best
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Center Field - Willie Mays: 154.6 WAR

Yet another no-brainer here in center field as Willie Mays absolutely crushed the competition with 154.6 rWAR in over 12,000 plate appearances with the Giants. Mays could and did do it all. He hit 646 homers with the Giants to go along with 336 stolen bases, 3187 hits, a ROY and 2 MVP awards, and a mind-blowing 19 straight All-Star appearances. One of the absolute best to ever do it, period. If you are making a Mount Rushmore for all of baseball, Willie is most assuredly on it.

In second place, the man who made baseball history with "the shot heard 'round the world", Bobby Thomson, gets the nod with 26.4 rWAR with the Giants from 1946 to 1957. Third place goes to George Van Haltren who put up 25.0 rWAR from 1894-1903.

Right Field - Mel Ott: 110.9 WAR

Yet another all-time great graces the Giants' all-time lineup in right field as Mel Ott easily won the starting job with 110.9 rWAR from 1926-1947. His line with the Giants over 11,000+ plate appearances was .304/.414/.533 with 511 homers. Ott's greatest gets lost because of how many absolute studs played in his era, but he finished in the top 10 of MVP voting six times and made 12 All-Star teams.

Mike Tiernan is who got crushed by Ott and pushed to second place with 42.3 rWAR from 1887-1899. Another Bonds gets a mention here as third place went to Barry's dad, Bobby Bonds who put up 38.1 rWAR from 1968-1974 along with some crazy high strikeout numbers especially for his era.

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