SF Giants: 5 biggest disappointments of 2022

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Brandon Belt
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SF Giants: 5 biggest disappointments of 2022

No. 1: Brandon Belt

Last year, the SF Giants relied heavily upon the resurgence of first baseman Brandon Belt. From his great year at the plate to the levity he provided by anointing himself captain of the team, he really helped propel the team to their great season.

After an injury ended his season prematurely last season, many were hoping that 2022 would see Belt pick up right where he left off in 2021. Opening Day seemed to suggest he might as he belted a home run after riding in on a boat to really hammer home that he is the team's captain.

But, as has happened so often in Belt's career, injuries have derailed him. His most recent knee injury threatens to end his season, and possibly even his career as a Giant.

When he has been on the field in 2022, the results have been less than stellar. He has hit .213/.326/.350 with 8 homers and 23 RBI. Coming off a year when he blasted 29 home runs, many were expecting more from Belt this season.

After a disappointing year, both Belt and the Giants will have a decision to make this offseason. Belt on whether he wants to keep playing and the Giants on whether they think Belt still has some solid play in him despite the long injury history.