SF Giants: 3 top pitchers to target if Carlos Rodon signs elsewhere

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The SF Giants could very well lose their best pitcher from 2022, Carlos Rodon, in free agency. If Rodon does sign elsewhere, here are three starting pitchers they can sign to replace Rodon.

SF Giants: 3 top pitchers to target if Carlos Rodon signs elsewhere

Carlos Rodon was a great offseason signing for the SF Giants. He more than lived up to his contract by starting 31 games, winning 14 of them, and recording a 2.88 ERA and a career-high 237 strikeouts.

He was truly dominant at times, overpowering opposing batters with his dominant fastball up in the zone. He also avoided the injured list for the most part, which was a big fear with Rodon given his injuries last season.

However, it seems all but certain that Rodon will opt out of his contract this offseason as he is set to get a lucrative deal. While the Giants have expressed interest in brining Rodon back, they may simply get outbid by another team that wants a dominant starter in their rotation.

We saw the Giants last offseason basically let Kevin Gausman sign elsewhere, not even wanting to get involved in a bidding war for his services.

That seems unlikely with Rodon, especially after the Giants were roundly criticized for letting Gausman walk last year.

But even if the team makes a push to bring back Rodon, they could still get outbid. In that scenario, what are the Giants left to do?

The Giants will definitely feel pressure both internally and from their fanbase to find a worthy replacement in the rotation if Rodon does indeed leave in free agency.

Who are some potential replacements for Rodon if he does walk? The Giants will definitely desire a big name to replace Rodon's production, and there are definitely big names out there to be pursued.

There are also value finds out there, pitchers that the Giants have had a knack finding and rejuvenating in recent years like Gausman and DeSclafani.

Let's take a look at three pitchers, of both the big name and value find variety, who could potentially replace Rodon if he leaves in free agency.