7 SF Giants second base options to consider for 2022

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Carlos Correa, SF Giants
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7 SF Giants second base options to consider for 2022

Free agent targets

5. Carlos Correa

Call me hypocritical for actually wanting Correa on the Giants, call it a pipedream, or say whatever, but Carlos Correa would be a huge get for the front office. Correa is only 27-years-old and is coming off another trip to the World Series. 2021 was his final year before he became a free agent, and all he did was have a career-high in home runs (26), a league-leading defensive WAR (2.9), and had the third-highest overall WAR in 2021 (7.2). To put a cherry on top of his phenomenal season, Correa finished a career-best fifth in MVP voting.

Now, with that being said, it just is going to take a lot to get him. Would Farhan Zaidi want to offer Correa $400M? $300M? or even $250M? It's easy to spend someone else's money, but I certainly would pay him. Personally, I think Correa will eventually slide over to second base permanently at some point in his career, and even if he doesn't, you can eventually slide him back over to shortstop once Brandon Crawford's Giants career is over if they so choose.

One more Correa stat to whet the appetite further: a career .272 average in the POSTSEASON, with 18 home runs (which is tied for seventh all-time) and 59 runs batted in (sixth all-time). A proven winner who comes up clutch when it matters the most? Sign me up every time.