Ranking the SF Giants' arbitration eligible players by how much they should cost

Five days after the World Series ends, the Giants are going to have to make some decisions on their arbitration eligible players.
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Mike Yastrzemski

Entering his third year of arbitration, Yaz is likely to get a raise over the $6.1 million he made this year as salaries typically scale up in the later years of arbitration. However, his case is a bit tricky as his missed a big chunk of time in 2023 while dealing with hamstring issues. This estimate feels right, but it wouldn't be surprising if the two sides go to a hearing to hash it out.

Estimated arbitration salary: $7.3 million

J.D. Davis

JD Davis had a strong start to the season, but faded in the second half in route to a 0.8 rWAR season with a .248/.325/.413 line in 2023. This is his last year of arbitration eligibility and is certain to get a raise over his $4.21 million salary from this season, but it wouldn't be all that shocking to see him get less than MLBTR's estimate given his inconsistency over the last couple of seasons.

Estimated arbitration salary: $6.8 million

Thairo Estrada

Thairo looked primed to get a really nice payday in the first half when he was one of the best players in the Giants' lineup. Unfortunately, he wasn't the same guy at the plate once he returned from the injured list and ended the season with a decent, but unexciting .271/.315/.416 line in 2023. This is Thairo's second year of arbitration eligibility and while his numbers at the plate weren't overly exciting, he does provide a lot of value defensively and with his legs, so this estimate feels pretty close to spot on.

Estimated arbitration salary: $4.8 million