Ranking the 6 SF Giants from the 2023 season who are still available in free agency

With free agency winding down, several players from the SF Giants in 2023 still find themselves without a team.
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Darin Ruf
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5. Darin Ruf

You forgot that Darin Ruf was a member of the 2023 SF Giants didn't you? Well, now you will never forget. The Giants added Ruf early in the season after he was let go by the New York Mets.

This was after the Giants traded Ruf to the Mets in exchange for J.D. Davis the season prior, a move that turned out really well for the Giants with Davis being a solid contributor and Ruf struggling mightily with the Mets.

Ruf did decently for the Giants in his 9 games with the team last season, driving in three runs and recording a .261 batting average in 27 plate appearances. But the team had to release him to make room for Casey Schmitt.

The Giants do not really have a spot on the team for Ruf since they still have Davis and Wilmer Flores who are much more productive.

AJ Pollock
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6. A.J. Pollock

Who could forget Forever Giant A.J. Pollock? Pollock was the team's blockbuster trade last year at the trading deadline when they still had a very realistic shot at making the playoffs.

Pollock was far from a Marco Scutaro-like acquisition as he had 0 hits and did not get on base once for the Giants. Then, he got hurt and was released after his rehab assignment.

All of these players played for the Giants in 2023. Some are likely to find new homes like Junis and Wood, while others may not have any takers and may end up retiring like Crawford, Ruf, and Pollock.