Predicting where each SF Giants free agent will sign in 2024

The Giants have a bunch of guys who could potentially hit free agency this offseason.
Sep 27, 2023; San Francisco, California, USA; San Francisco Giants left fielder Michael Conforto (8)
Sep 27, 2023; San Francisco, California, USA; San Francisco Giants left fielder Michael Conforto (8) / John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
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Alex Wood

Alex Wood was excellent during the 2021 season for the Giants where he posted a 3.83 ERA in 26 starts and was rewarded with a two year contract from San Francisco worth $25 million. Unfortunately for the Giants, Wood hasn't approached that level of production in the ensuing two seasons as he averaged a 4.77 ERA in his 55 appearances total in 2022 and 2023 and San Francisco started to favor him out of the bullpen.

Wood is actually in a very similar position this offseason to when he arrived in San Francisco in 2021. There are some real concerns that he won't be able to start long-term and his durability is questionable, but someone will take a chance on him on a one year deal similar to the one he signed with San Fran. The Brewers make some amount of sense as he should be cheap, they have a tendency to get the most out of their pitchers, and need significant help in their rotation with Brandon Woodruff on the mend.

Prediction: Brewers - One year, $3.5 million

Alex Cobb

This is a brutal one because Cobb's $10 million option for 2024 looked like it would be an easy decision for the Giants' front office to exercise. Cobb put up 2.6 rWAR in 28 starts for San Francisco this season with a 3.87 ERA and he made the All-Star team this year. For $10 million, he would normally be a bargain.

Unfortunately, Cobb's hip injury and subsequent surgery clouds the entire picture and there is a real argument that the team shouldn't bring him back until they know how he is going to recover. However, $10 million isn't a large sum of money and Cobb's six month timetable to return should mean that he will be able to pitch a good bit next season, so we'll guess that he comes back.

Prediction: Giants exercise his player option and he (hopefully) returns relatively early in the 2024 season.