No, that rumor about SF Giants announcer Duane Kuiper is not true

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants
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There are few people in baseball as embedded in the fabric of an organization like Duane Kuiper is to the SF Giants organization. So, when a rumor circulated this past week suggesting that Kuiper might retire at the end of the season, it concerned a lot of fans.

However, that rumor is false as confirmed by both his longtime broadcast colleague Mike Krukow and Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle.

No, that rumor about SF Giants announcer Duane Kuiper is not true

The rumor originated from Rich Lieberman of 415 Media. Lieberman indicated that the Kuiper has been considering this for months and that a formal announcement would be coming soon:

""Several Bay Area sports broadcast sources told me Kuioper has been contemplating leaving for several months. A series of events may have accelerated his decision to move forward... I'm told a formal decision will probably take place later in the season and that a mini-farewell tour for Duane is already in the planning stages.""

Rich Lieberman

Yes, Kuiper's name is misspelled in the article by the way. I know what Krukow and Kuiper mean to Giants fans and when something like this comes out, it can elicit an emotional response. They have been doing the play-by-play announcing for Giants games since 1994 and they are beloved by Giants fans in particular and baseball fans in general.

Even when they are not on TV or the radio, you can still hear their voices when the game is going on. This is especially true when a Giants player hits a home run, and you can just hear Kuiper's call, "It is outta here!"

Kuiper is just a joy on the call. It is unfortunate that a rumor like this became public, especially when it turns out to be false. For what it is worth, Lieberman has a history of questionable journalistic practices. I will not go into his history, but Lieberman has a platform, and unfortunately, when he says something, it is echoed by those who follow.

That is not the point of this. The good news is that Kuiper is not going anywhere soon. Krukow was asked about the rumor on KNBR on Friday morning and his response will make you smile from ear to ear:

"“I just want to say, that is not going to happen. Whoever was responsible for creating that BS, shame on you. Kuip and I are not retiring. We’re both going to retire the same day, and it’s when we drop dead behind the microphone. Not any time soon.”"


You have to love Krukow's very direct response. Susan Slusser followed up on the rumor as well, confirming that Kuiper is still under contract through the 2024 season.

So, it is unfortunate that a rumor suggesting Kuiper is retiring became public because it is just flat-out false. If there is something positive to come from this, it is that Kuiper is under contract through the end of next season. Realistically, he is under contract for as long as he wants to be. And, according to Krukow, that day will not come for a long, long time.