New SF Giants third baseman has a very spicy take about his former team

The newest SF Giants addition had some blunt words for his former team.
Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
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The newest member of the SF Giants, third baseman Matt Chapman, made comments to the media upon officially joining the team in Arizona for Spring Training. One noteworthy comment he made was a not-so-subtle jab at his former team from across the Bay Area.

New SF Giants third baseman has a very spicy take about his former team

When talking about what it is like to reunite with his old manager, Bob Melvin, who was his coach on the Oakland A's, Chapman voiced his frustration about the A's with Shayna Rubin of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Chapman is not thrilled about how things transpired in Oakland. He has a point, too. He played for the A's from 2017-2021 and the team had some really good years. They won 97 games in both 2018 and 2019, and they did it with exciting players like Chapman, Matt Olson, and Marcus Semien.

The team was not able to lock up their core of exciting young talent, and they were either traded or left in free agency. Unfortunately, it is a story all too common among A's fans. This is how Oakland operates.

Many Giants fans will be shocked to hear Chapman laud the Giants organization for being willing to spend since. The Giants' perceived lack of spending and the ability to land free agents has been a criticism of the team in recent years. If you compare them to the A's though, and frankly most of baseball, the Giants have been big spenders.

The Giants may not be done spending, either. They have been linked to free agent pitcher Blake Snell and if they sign him, it would be a huge boost to a rotation that is very unproven outside of Logan Webb.

Chapman and Melvin now have a chance to do something that they were never able to do in Oakland: win a playoff series. In both of their 97-win seasons, they came in second place to the Houston Astros in the AL West and then lost in the Wild Card game.

The Giants face a similar situation now where there is a clear favorite in the division with the Dodgers, not to mention very talented teams like the Diamondbacks and Padres. It may be a tall ask for the Giants to win the division, but the addition of Chapman makes this team look a lot more like a playoff contender. Perhaps, one more move would help solidify that status even more and affirm Chapman's belief that he is now playing for a franchise willing to spend to win.