MLB Playoff Bracket if the season ended today: The SF Giants in a tough spot

The Giants don't appear set to have the easiest of roads in the playoffs assuming they get there.
Texas Rangers v San Francisco Giants
Texas Rangers v San Francisco Giants / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

Look, the matchup last night against the Braves wasn't pretty, but the San Francisco Giants are still in a pretty decent spot heading into the home stretch of the 2023 season. The race for the division is basically over as the Dodgers have found another gear and are starting to run away with things. However, the Giants are still firmly in the wild card race as the second wild card team in.

The 2023 season is barreling toward the last quarter or so, so it is time to start really looking at the current playoff picture not just for the Giants, but the entire league as things are only just now getting very interesting there.

If the playoffs started today, the SF Giants would have a tough first round matchup

As of 8/19, the current seeds for the playoffs on the National League side of things are as follows:

1.) Atlanta Braves - Get a first round bye

2.) LA Dodgers - Get a first round bye

3.) Milwaukee Brewers - Lead NL Central

4.) Philadelphia Phillies - Top WC spot

5.) San Francisco Giants - Second WC spot

6.) Cincinnati Reds - Third WC spot

The Marlins are currently tied with the Reds in the wild card race with the Reds holding an edge in tiebreakers and the Cubs and Diamondbacks lurking in the race as well. With the new MLB playoff structure put in place during the last CBA negotiations, the top two seeds in each league get first round byes while the 3/6 seeds and 4/5 seeds match up. The Braves and Dodgers are basically mortal locks to remain the top two seeds in the National League with only a slight chance that they switch spots before the season is over.

As it stands, the Giants would have their hands full in the first round with the Philadelphia Phillies whose roster seems to be built with the playoffs in mind. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for the Giants to get the last wild card spot in the end as a matchup with the Milwaukee Brewers seems a lot more winnable. However, having to face down Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff in a short series doesn't seem all that fun, either.

Over in the American League, things are a bit more complicated. The Orioles and Rangers currently occupy the top two seeds in the league, but both teams are in tighter division races which could alter seeding dramatically. The top two seeds are followed by the Twins, Rays, Astros, and Mariners in playoff seeding for the moment with the Blue Jays just a half game out of a playoff spot.

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