MLB analyst proposes ridiculous SF Giants trade for overrated player

This proposed trade would be a disaster for the SF Giants.
Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals
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The SF Giants are struggling right now and many people have ideas as to how they can improve. One analyst, Jim Bowden of The Athletic, recently made the case that the Giants should trade for Jazz Chisholm Jr. which would be a disastrous move for the team.

MLB analyst proposes ridiculous SF Giants trade for overrated player

Bowden is a former MLB executive for the Reds and Nationals, so one would think he would make sound and cogent arguments in his baseball analysis and proposals. Unfortunately, in his most recent article (subscription required) where he lays out difference-making trades for every NL Wild Card contender, his proposal was far from sound.

In Bowden's proposed trade, the Giants would receive Chisholm and the Giants would trade Marco Luciano, Carson Whisenhunt, and Luis Matos to the Miami Marlins. That's right, the Giants would be giving up three of their most promising young players for a guy who has never hit over .254 for a full MLB season. Plus, for whatever it is worth, Chisholm was voted as the most overrated player in MLB in an anonymous poll of MLB players conducted by The Athletic (subscription required).

Do not get it wrong, Chisholm is still a solid and exciting young player, but he is definitely not worth mortgaging your future for especially in a disappointing year like this for the Giants. This year he is playing well, hitting .264/.331/.440 with 10 home runs and 37 RBI. He also has 13 stolen bases and his speed would certainly be welcome on a Giants team that cannot stop opponents from stealing bags while being unable to steal any themselves.

Perhaps the Giants could explore a trade for Chisholm near the deadline if they play better and get to .500. But they should not give up what Bowden proposes. Luciano and Matos both have a lot of promise even if they have been inconsistent in the majors. Plus, with the current state of the rotation, the Giants may very well need Whisenhunt at some point this year.

This sort of deal just does not make sense for the Giants right now. This is a year where players like Luciano and Matos should get extended looks to see what the Giants have on their hands. Giving them up for a guy who is good but certainly not great would turn a bad year into a terrible one.