Logan Webb's grandparents have a favorite SF Giants player (it's not him)

Logan Webb had a funny story about his grandparents' favorite player.
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SF Giants ace Logan Webb recently appeared on a podcast hosted by Chris Rose. In the interview, he revealed that his two grandmothers have a favorite player on the Giants...and it is not him. It turns out they are big fans of Wilmer Flores.

Logan Webb's grandparents have a favorite SF Giants player (it's not him)

The short clip is worth watching below courtesy of KNBR:

First off, Webb touches on the story of how his grandmothers on both his mom and dad's side of the family decided to move in with one another after both of their husbands passed away. They are obviously huge fans of their grandson and look forward to watching all of his starts.

However, the Giants ace shared that they are both huge fans of Flores as well. They both are always asking if they can meet Flores and eventually, despite some embarrassment, Webb asked his teammate if he would be willing to meet them. Flores, being the class act and good guy that he is, happily obliged.

Of course, Webb is probably just joking when he says that his grandmas like Wilmer better than him. But it is easy to understand why they, or really anyone, likes Wilmer.

Dating back to his time with the New York Mets, Wilmer has always endeared himself to fanbases. There was that emotional scene when Flores thought he got traded from the Mets, the only team he knew at the time, and he teared up on the field. It is tough to endear yourself to the notoriously brutal New York fanbases, but that just speaks to how genuine and pure Wilmer is.

Of course, once you add on the Friends theme song being his walk-up music and the fact that all of his brothers and also his son are named Wilmer, too. It is just impossible not to root for the guy.

Both Webb and Flores are two of the leaders on this Giants team, so it is great to see that two of the most well-liked Giants of the non-championship years are linked via Webb's grandmas.