Latest move highlights persisent trend of poor communication from SF Giants front office

Brandon Crawford is now a St. Louis Cardinal. A fact that many SF Giants fans are still coming to grips with.

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Latest move highlights persisent trend of poor communication from SF Giants front office

The J.D. Davis Disruption

Similar to the Brandon Crawford and Carlos Correa problem, the identical situation seemed to occur during the Giants acquisition of Matt Chapman earlier this month. According to Maria Guardado of, Davis stated “I don’t really want to put my foot in my mouth because I don’t really know what the game plan is".

She went on to add that "Davis, 30, said he had not yet spoken with the Giants’ front office as of Saturday morning, though he expected those conversations to happen later in the day." Now, Davis is not owed the same reverence as Crawford. That said, there is a lack of obvious decency and care for the players that the Giants had become during Zaidi's tenure.

Davis, who has performed well for the Giants, is and was owed a consistent line of communication about any deal that may have replaced his role on the roster. Not to mention, any deal that would replace him with the same player that replaced him in college.

Brandon Crawford's Unceremonious Exit

That brings us to the final puzzle piece. Crawford's exit from his childhood team and the only team he had ever played for. Letting Crawford leave is, once again, not the issue at hand.

Rather the way these players are being treated on their way out has been appalling. This is what the veteran shortstop had to say to The Athletic's Andrew Baggerly, “The bottom line is I was not wanted back by the one person whose (opinion) matters". He further elaborated "bottom line is I wanted to come back to the Giants. That was obviously the ideal situation for me".

Once again, letting Crawford leave is not at the heart of this issue but someone of Crawford's stature in San Francisco should never feel anything but appreciation and love for what he has given this organization.

The Giants made a lot of fans in the early 2010's by being a player-friendly organization. A destination where players were happy to go and, while knowing baseball is still a business, could take comfort that they would be treated with respect and care during their tenure by the bay.

Under Zaidi, that shining and stellar reputation has faded and dulled to the point where it has become difficult to trust this front office to communicate with and treat the players with any sort of respect. The lack of care, effort, and communication from this current regime is shambolic and needs to be fixed or replaced.