JoPandering to the Fans: SF Giants Holiday Edition

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Buster Posey, SF Giants
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Buster Posey's final season with the SF Giants

We did not know it before this season but the 2021 campaign would be Buster Posey's last on a baseball field. The longtime Giants catcher posted a .304/.390/.499 line (140 OPS+) while being worth 3.5 WAR in 454 plate appearances. He earned his seventh All-Star nod and received some down-ballot MVP votes as well.

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"The player I’m most grateful for is Buster Posey. Buster was a once-in-a-lifetime player to watch and I feel honored to have been a fan of his since he was a Fresno Grizzly. A really special moment for me as a Giants fan was when I realized he was the first Giant my 2-year-old son knew by name. My son may be too young to remember watching this season with me, but I’ll never forget it and who his first favorite Giant was."