JoPandering to the Fans: SF Giants Holiday Edition

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Brandon Belt
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Brandon Belt dubs himself the SF Giants captain

Having gone through so much in the pandemic years, many fans were thankful to have something fun and unified to look forward to. Whether it be Buster Posey's swan song season or the comedic stylings of Captain Brandon Belt, the SF Giants fandom has plenty to be thankful for before the 2022 season begins.

Name: Nikki
Twitter: @nikkibythebay
Age: 28

"The whole Captain movement was absurdly entertaining, and Belt’s silly, deadpan humor was something that players and fans collectively reveled in and rallied around.

After a year of social isolation, it was so fun and relieving to have in-person conversations with Giants fans that started over a simple acknowledgement of their crudely taped Cs and captain hats. The Captain persona was gimmicky, but I unashamedly enjoyed it. And the best part of all this insanity? I never felt alone enjoying it."