JoPandering to the Fans: SF Giants Holiday Edition

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants
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Brandon Crawford
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Brandon Crawford's MVP-caliber season for the SF Giants

For others, it's the resurgence of many fan favorites, such as 2021 MVP candidate Brandon Crawford's historic campaign, that sparked joy in our Orange and Black hearts.

Name: Wrenzie
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"I am probably thankful for Brandon Crawford. We think of him as a guy that was on his way out before the season started and the expectation is that one of these star shortstop free agents will replace him. However, he proved everyone wrong and ended up as the guy to keep all along with a resurgent season and bagged a nice extension. His value with his bat and especially his glove is unmatched this season and it's great to see him back for next season after Posey decided to hang his cleats."