JoPandering to the Fans: SF Giants Holiday Edition

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Duane Kuiper was surely missed on the regular and his return was much celebrated by SF Giants fans.
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Duane Kiper's return to the SF Giants broadcast booth

For others, the best surprise was off the field and in the broadcast booth. The return of our beloved Duane Kuiper provided some type of normalcy and comfort for many fans.

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Pasadena, CA

"...When I think about gratitude, specific to the Giants in 2021, I think about Duane Kuiper. I was actually at the game the day he returned after 6+ weeks away. I didn't realize he was in the booth until I scrolled Twitter as I waited in line for garlic fries, and saw my friend Brad tweet, "And just like that, that's how this game gets started!" It made me gasp! l looked around, bewildered, thinking is this true?!? Eventually I realized that it was. And that that Tweet meant exactly what I thought it did - Kuip was back!!"

"I was so happy and SO grateful. And only mildly embarrassed for the tears I wiped away as I reached the counter. GO Giants!"