How many numbers have the SF Giants retired?

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On Tuesday morning, the New York Yankees announced that they were going to retire Paul O'Neil's No. 21. He becomes the 23rd Yankees player or coach to have his number retired. By comparison, the SF Giants have retired 11 numbers so far.

How many numbers have the SF Giants retired?

Before diving into the numbers, it bears mentioning that there was an era before numbers were affixed to jerseys. The jerseys for both legendary pitcher Christy Mathewson and longtime Giants manager John McGraw are honored at Oracle Park. In addition to this, the Giants have recognized the careers for veteran broadcasters Lon Simmons and Russ Hodges as well.

In terms of jersey numbers, the Giants have officially retired 10 numbers with the 11th scheduled to be retired at the end of July. Typically, the Giants have followed tradition by waiting until a player is enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

For example, Orlando Cepeda's No. 30 remained in circulation for years after he was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1966. Chili Davis was the most notable player to wear No. 30 after Cepeda had done so for nearly a decade with the Giants.

Cepeda remained on the Hall of Fame ballot for 15 years but failed to get the 75 percent needed for induction. The Veteran's Committee corrected this wrong by selecting him for enshrinement in 1999 with the Giants responding by retiring his number that same season.

In recent years, the Giants have made exceptions to the Hall of Fame standard. Barry Bonds' No. 25 was retired in 2018, whereas Will Clark's No. 22 is set to be officially retired in the upcoming season. Neither player is in the Hall of Fame, but the Giants made an exception based on their respective accomplishments on the baseball field.

Including the players mentioned above, the Giants have officially retired 10 numbers with one number pending:

No. 3 - Bill Terry

No. 4 - Mel Ott

No. 11 - Carl Hubbell

No. 20 - Monte Irvin

No. 22 - Will Clark (pending)

No. 24 - Willie Mays

No. 25 - Barry Bonds

No. 27 - Juan Marichal

No. 30 - Orlando Cepeda

No. 36 - Gaylord Perry

No. 44 - Willie McCovey

Of course, No. 42 has been retired throughout baseball to honor the life and career of Jackie Robinson.

If you are wondering when the Giants might retire the next number, you likely will not have to wait long. Bruce Bochy's No. 15 and Buster Posey's No. 28 are sure to be next. Madison Bumgarner's No. 40 could be retired as well, but that one is more up for debate.

No Giants player has worn No. 55 since Tim Lincecum last wore it in 2015. They may never retire the number, but it appears to be out of circulation. Cases can be made for Matt Cain (No. 18), Hunter Pence (No. 8), Brandon Crawford (No. 35), and Pablo Sandoval (No. 48), but that is a topic for a different day. For now, they have retired 11 numbers and counting.