Giants Rumors: SF Giants considering trade for Justin Verlander at the trade deadline

The San Francisco Giants appear to be considering a mind blowing trade option ahead of the deadline.

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It is well-known at this point that the San Francisco Giants are looking to be aggressive buyers at the trade deadline this year. They are firmly in the playoff hunt and have the money and prospects to make a number of moves at the trade deadline to improve their roster and keep pace with the Dodgers, Diamondbacks, and the slew of teams in the wild card race.

One thing we know about the Giants after their high profile pursuits of Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa this past offseason, this is not a Giants front office that is afraid of trying to swing big. They know that while this is a good baseball team, it is lacking in star power at the moment and could use a high end option on either side of the ball.

Along those lines, a fascinating development happened this morning when Jon Morosi reported that the Giants are considering trading for Justin Verlander ahead of the trade deadline.

Would Justin Verlander even be a good fit for the SF Giants at the trade deadline?

Justin Verlander has been one of the absolute best pitchers of this generation. That is undeniable and is exactly why the Mets signed him to a two year deal worth north of $86 million. However, he has not exactly looked like vintage Verlander this season as he dealt with an injury early on and has posted a 3.47 ERA in 14 starts with a noticeable dip in his strikeout rate in 2023.

The Giants checking in on Verlander makes plenty of sense given the potential upside of adding one of the better pitchers from the last decade. If the Mets are looking to cut their losses and are just trying to shed some of that huge payroll of theirs, it is possible that the prospect cost for Verlander may not be too crazy. However, one wrinkle is that Verlander has a full no-trade clause and would have to consent to any trade.

In any case, things are getting interesting, folks and we are a little over a week away from the madness that is the trade deadline.

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