Former SF Giants manager's TikTok videos are exactly what you pictured

Former SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler's TikTok videos are as Gabe Kapler as you can imagine.

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Former SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler may have landed on his feet as an assistant general manager with the Miami Marlins, but it seems he has also picked up a side hustle as a TikTok influencer. If one just imagines what a TikTok video made by Kapler would be like, you probably aren't too far off.

Former SF Giants manager's TikTok videos are exactly what you pictured

Most of Kapler's posts offer up some sort of vague advice while he is walking or looking intensely into the camera. His most recent TikTok may be his best. In it, Kapler sports a tank top and a "Joe Louis" cap. He seems to be walking from the gym after a workout and says the following, without irony, into the camera:

"They say movement is the best medicine, and I agree with that. But I think that sweat is the better drug."

Gabe Kapler on TikTok

One could forgiven for thinking Kapler lifted such wisdom from Emerson or Camus, but that seems to be a Kapler original. There are other videos that are not quite as silly, but still showcase the personality of the former Giants manager in all of his Kapler-ness.

Whether you love or hate him, you have to admit that Kapler is not afraid to be himself. And, that is an admirable quality. He was unabashedly himself when he was the manager of the Giants for the past four seasons and helped lead the team to a 107-win season in 2021 which earned him the NL Manager of the Year award.

While things ended poorly for Kapler in San Francisco with him getting fired near the end of last season, it was great to see him embrace the city and lean into his unique personality while he was skipper.

Perhaps, Bob Melvin (who, as of this writing, does not have a known TikTok account) is what is needed to get the clubhouse chemistry back on track after it seemed to falter late last season. Probably the only person with a more different personality to Kapler than Melvin would be manager Bruce Bochy.

We will see if Melvin is able to turn things around in his first year as the manager of the Giants. Nonetheless, it is entertaining to see Kapler thriving in his new role, and new side gig, in Miami.