Former SF Giants lefty has interesting comment about pitching for San Francisco

New York Yankees Introduce Carlos Rodon
New York Yankees Introduce Carlos Rodon / New York Yankees/GettyImages

Former SF Giants lefty Carlos Rodón is settling in nicely to his new home with the New York Yankees. However, he made an interesting comment when comparing Yankees fans to Giants fans and the latter are a bit frustrated.

Former SF Giants lefty has interesting comment about pitching for San Francisco

In a piece with Bob Klapish of NJ.Com, Rodón drew parallels between himself and another Yankees lefty - Randy Johnson. Johnson was immediately not kind to the media following his trade to New York and that was a detail that stood out during his two-year stint with the Yankees.

This is where Rodón contrasts his personality with Johnson in that he plans to be a vocal leader of the team whether they win or lose, which is what you want in a player. He then proceeds to share a subtle difference between New York and San Francisco:

""The fans here want to win. They care. They care a lot... Giants fans are invested, but not like in New York. Win or lose, you’re not going to get booed in San Francisco.""

Carlos Rodón

This felt like a frustrating comment for some Giants fans, who really liked Rodón's tenure with San Francisco even if it was brief. I understand the comment he is making, but some fans are reading this as saying that Giants fans are not passionate, which could not be further from the truth.

Giants fans have passion. They might show it in a different way. Yankees fans are known for being tough on players, especially ones who sign lucrative contracts like Rodón. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Of course, Giants fans have booed their own players before, which disproves what Rodón said. However, this is one of those where two wrongs do not make a right. I am not going to suggest how fans want to support their team, but I have always thought that booing a player when he is struggling on the field is tacky.

Anyways, this is not meant to be a contrast in any way, but Giants fans do a good job at separating the production on the field with the person. If you are an All-Star on the field, that is great but that is not the only reason why Giants fans will appreciate you.

They look at personality as well, especially if the player is quirky and rides a scooter! There is more to a player than what he does on the field and Giants fans understand this. They want to know what the person is like outside of the uniform and appreciate that, too.

Plus, Giants fans get attached to the families as well. Anyways, this is much adieu about nothing. Rodón contrasted his experience in New York with San Francisco. His comments came off as suggesting that Giants fans were not as invested as Yankees fans, but that is just not true. Every fanbase is different.