Favorite SF Giants by number, No. 21 - 30

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There are a lot of ways to highlight and identify your favorite SF Giants players. We have recently begun running a poll on Twitter to choose your favorite Giants player by jersey number. This will be the first series that looks at who the winners are thus far

Favorite SF Giants by number, No. 21 - 30

One note to mention is that there may be some recency bias present as some voters did not see some players perform before a certain era. That said, it is a fun exercise to sit back and reflect on some great players to don the Orange and Black uniform.

No. 21 Jeff Kent

Jeff Kent ran against Jim Hearn, Candy Maldonado, and Freddy Sanchez. He won with 63.8 percent of the vote, but Sanchez received substantial support as well, earning 31.9 percent of the vote.

Kent was a quality second baseman before arriving in San Francisco in 1997, but his career took the next step once he joined a lineup that featured Barry Bonds. Few players in franchise history have had as dominant of a stretch as the plate as Kent's six-year run. In a Giants uniform, the power-hitting second baseman slashed .297/.368/.535 (136 OPS+) with 175 home runs and 689 RBI. He holds the record for most home runs by a second baseman in baseball history.

No. 22 Will Clark

Will Clark's number has not been officially retired yet, but it is no longer in circulation. Several popular players have worn No. 22 including Jack Clark, Jake Peavy, and Andrew McCutchen. However, Will Clark, not surprisingly, won in a landslide vote as he received 77.9 percent of the vote.

The left-handed slugger was originally drafted with the second overall pick in the 1985 draft out of Mississippi State University. By 1986, he was hitting home runs off of legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan and blasting grand slams off of Greg Maddux in the 1989 postseason. He helped to turn around an organization that struggled mightily in the early 1980's.

No. 23 Bobby Thomson

Bobby Thomson ran against several notable Giants players including Tito Fuentes, Felipe Alou, Ellis Burks. It was a cluttered ballot, but Thomson won with 33 percent of the vote.

Across 15 seasons, the right-handed bat slashed .270/.332/.462 (110 OPS+) with 264 home runs and 1,026 RBI while being worth 33.8 WAR. Of course, he is more commonly known for his clutch three-run blast against Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca in the ninth inning of a decisive game to win the 1951 NL pennant. That home run was coined as the shot hear 'round the world.