Everything SF Giants fans need to know about the Double-A Richmond Flying Squirrels

Your in-depth guide to the Giants' Double-A roster with the deepest outfield corps in the system.
2023 breakout pitching prospect Hayden Birdsong leads the Richmond Flying Squirrels in 2024
2023 breakout pitching prospect Hayden Birdsong leads the Richmond Flying Squirrels in 2024 / Andy Kuno/San Francisco Giants/GettyImages
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Everything SF Giants fans need to know about the Double-A Richmond Flying Squirrels

Position Players

Brett Auerbach

Auerbach made another play-of-the-year candidate behind the dish last season as an Emerald. Outside of that though, he's struggled massively offensively in Eugene and much more so with Richmond. His chase tendencies got exposed heavily last season and was struggling to hit for contact and power. His struggles might have affected his confidence throughout last season. Defensively though, he's still shown that he can be an asset by playing multiple positions while showcasing his good athleticism.

Victor Bericoto (#25 prospect)

Bericoto had a massive breakout in 2023, leading all Giants hitters in a number of offensive categories. His raw power is clearly at least plus, and has shown the ability to hit the ball out of the park more consistently this year thanks to a shift to his swing path. He made his swing path slightly more uphill to induce more flyballs but did not entirely result in a total breakdown of his overall approach.

His eye at the plate is still solid even though there is some inherent over-aggression. His defense in the outfield is below-average with a lack of range and instincts but makes up for it with a strong arm. He has shown the ability to play first base with big-league potential but the bat will certainly carry his value.

Hunter Bishop

Bishop missed the entire 2023 season while he recovered after undergoing Tommy John surgery. He's played this spring, and while there were some rough spots, particularly struggling with his reads in left field, the most important thing is that he's shown that he is fully healthy once again. The swing surely needs more work but he had a feel-good moment in the few games that he's played when he laced a single to left field in one of his plate appearances and drove one to the warning track in another.

Vaun Brown (#24 prospect)

Brown's issues were exposed in 2023, leaving plenty of doubt regarding his overall potential. His athleticism is still prominent with plus-plus raw power and speed. However, injuries resulted in him struggling to find a groove on both sides of the ball. His bat speed is still like last season but he kept on expanding the zone unnecessarily, resulting in plenty of strikeouts and bad performance.

Damon Dues

Dues was one of the most unheralded prospects in the Giants farm system last season and deserves more love with his fascinating skillset. He was never known for his power, but he put his good speed to use. He's adept at taking the extra base and has shown great base-stealing instincts. He's also shown a good approach at the batter's box alongside a solid feel for the barrel. He can play in both middle infield positions as well was the outfield and can even pitch on a pinch.

Jimmy Glowenke

Glowenke led the team in several offensive categories last season when he got promoted to the squad while maintaining a healthy strikeout and walk rates. He looked closer to his college self than in his earlier days as a pro in the second half of the season with Richmond. He's consistently made solid contact, showed good approach, and was a fine defender at second base. He's also dabbled with playing at third base this spring so there is a possibility that we will see him play there.