Do not count the SF Giants Out of the playoff picture just yet

San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

Many in the national baseball media are eager to count the SF Giants out after their recent struggles. Giants fans know this is nothing new, and that this means the Giants have everyone right where they want them.

Do not count the SF Giants Out of the playoff picture just yet

As an SF Giants fan, one must become comfortable with the fact that the national baseball media does not very much care about your favorite team and is quick to discount their success. This happened three times in a span of five years as talking heads were dumbfounded that a team was able to build a dynasty without a lineup filled with star power.

They were dumbfounded yet again when the Giants shocked everyone and won 107 games in 2021, a franchise record. So it comes as no surprise that many are eager to discount last season a s a fluke.

Bob Nightengale, a USA Today baseball reporter who has made a reputation for NEVER being wrong about anything, has declared that the Giants are out of the NL West race. Welp everyone, the King has issued his decree. I suppose we all better pack up and try again next year.

And Giants fans were subjected to the punishment of listening to Eric Karros call a baseball game for the second time this year as Karros basically attributed the team's success last year to luck and seemed to marvel at how the Giants were even .500 this season with the dearth of talent on the roster.

At this point, you can't help but laugh at the Nightengale's and Karros' of the world. When will they learn that dismissing and counting out the Giants hasn't worked for the last decade?

Look, the Giants need to make changes if they are to make a real push for the playoffs, especially defending the NL West title. They may need to make a trade or two to give them the depth and ammunition they need to seriously challenge the Padres and Dodgers in the second half.

But the Giants have played those teams tough already in the first half with what Eric Karros probably thinks is a Triple-A roster.

We know the Giants are capable of playing better baseball. If Brandon Belt can get healthy and find his swing in the second half and the Giants can make some key moves, we could be talking about another Giants postseason push coming down the stretch.

If there is anything we have learned watching the Giants the past decade plus, it's that you don't count them out.