Did MLB accidentally troll the Giants with Jung-Hoo Lee signing announcement?

San Francisco Giants Introduce Jung Hoo Lee
San Francisco Giants Introduce Jung Hoo Lee / Andy Kuno/San Francisco Giants/GettyImages

In signing KBO star Jung Hoo Lee to a six year, $113 million contract last week, the San Francisco Giants were finally able to claim a victory this offseason after falling behind hated division rivals in Los Angeles, who beat them out for Shohei Ohtani. Lee's .340/.407/.491 line after seven seasons in KBO pretty much speaks for itself in terms of why the league was so excited about his posting, but it's even bigger for the seemingly endgame-challenged Giants to secure a potential star.

However, a graphic designer at MLB may not be so excited for them. After the signing, MLB's socials posted a celebratory graphic of Lee in full Giants uniform with a seemingly innocuous background: the Oracle Park outfield, McCovey Cove, etc. But some eagle-eyed observers have noticed something a little odd — the scoreboard shows the Giants losing the game, and to who other than the Dodgers?

MLB accidentally trolls SF Giants with Jung-Hoo Lee graphic

SFGate identified the game as a home game against the Dodgers on Aug. 2, 2022. The graphic shows that the game is in the top of the 5th and the Giants are only down by one after Alex Wood let the Dodgers get out to a 6-0 lead, but the Giants responded with a five-run bottom of the 4th. LA managed to stop the bleeding after that inning, and the .680 Dodgers eventually won over the .490 Giants, 9-5.

It seems like not even MLB's social media team can let the Giants have nice things, even when Lee's signing came mere days after the revelation that San Francisco offered Shohei Ohtani the exact same contract Los Angeles did, meaning he clearly just preferred Los Angeles when he made his decision. Hopefully, Lee will be able to help the Giants settle this on the field and turn around the score on the graphic in the Giants' favor next season.

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