Despite a potential need, SF Giants and Blue Jays are unlikely trade partners for a pair of All-Stars

Pittsburgh Pirates v Toronto Blue Jays
Pittsburgh Pirates v Toronto Blue Jays / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

The Toronto Blue Jays have what the SF Giants need in Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette at first base and shortstop, respectively. Despite the need, the Blue Jays are an unlikely trade partner with San Francisco.

Despite a potential need, SF Giants and Blue Jays are unlikely trade partners for a pair of All-Stars

With LaMonte Wade Jr. out for at least the next four weeks, the Giants have a need at first base. For the time being, they will use Wilmer Flores and Trenton Brooks to address that need.

Guerrero Jr. would certainly help as he is off to another strong season. The right-handed bat has a .791 OPS with five home runs in 258 plate appearances.

However, first base is a short-term need. What would the Giants do when Wade Jr. returns? There are a few different options such as moving Wade Jr. back to the outfield and slotting the Blue Jays slugger at first base. Guerrero Jr. could shift to DH. The Giants have Jorge Soler tabbed as the team's DH for the next three seasons despite the slow start. Baseball is not the type of sport where you just jettison a struggling veteran in favor of another. There are a number of factors at play.

On the other hand, Bo Bichette is off to a slower start with a .627 OPS in 232 plate appearances. He has the track record in his favor as he has finished every season with an OPS above .800 since he debuted with the Blue Jays in 2019.

In the field, the defensive metrics indicate that he will likely move off of shortstop at some point in his career. Nevertheless, the 26-year-old offers more upside than any internal Giants option.

Despite the fact that both Guerrero Jr. and Bichette fill obvious needs for the Giants, are the Blue Jays ready to sell? That is the important question.

It bears mentioning that both players are under contract through next season. They have been cornerstone players for the Blue Jays in recent seasons, but this is the time when teams consider pivoting in a different direction.

The Blue Jays have a 28-30 record and are in fifth place in a tough AL East. Despite this, they are only 4.5 games out of a Wild Card spot. There are a lot of teams in front of them but it is still a manageable gap.

They are coming off of an 89-73 season and have reached the playoffs in three of the last four seasons. The Blue Jays are still in the race and reached the playoffs as recently as last season. The ship might be sinking, but one of the hardest decisions a front office makes is when to sell.

The Giants were in a similar position in the late 2010's and decided to maintain the status quo. It is a tough conversation and few teams fully embrace a fire sale.

With the core of the roster still in place for the next several seasons, the Blue Jays may not have much of an option. Selling may not be on the table given that players like Guerrero Jr., Bichette, Kevin Gausman, Chris Bassitt, and José Berríos are all under contract through at least next season.

In any case, Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins threw cold water on the idea of trading either Guerrero Jr. or Bichette, saying that "it doesn't many any sense."

At this point in time, the Blue Jays do not look like sellers. That could change six weeks down the road. However, trade talks take two motivated parties to work out a deal. While Guerrero Jr. or Bichette would be upgrades for the Giants, it does not sound like the other side is too receptive at the moment.