Could Ron Wotus really replace Gabe Kapler as SF Giants manager?

If Gabe Kapler is fired, could Ron Wotus replace him as the manager of the Giants?
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With the SF Giants all but certain to miss the postseason in 2023, many fans have called for manager Gabe Kapler to be fired. While this is highly unlikely, it is possible and we even looked at potential replacements if they do cut ties with Kapler. IOne name we did not consider was someone with longstanding ties to the organization and that is Ron Wotus.

Could Ron Wotus really replace Gabe Kapler as SF Giants manager?

Andrew Baggerly of The Athletic recently floated this idea in one of his recent columns. Basically, he argues that Wotus would be a transitional coach, serving for just one year and then stepping down to let someone else take over.

It is an interesting thought if an incredibly unlikely one. Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle has reported that Giants owner Greg Johnson has confirmed that both Gabe Kapler and Farhan Zaidi will be back next season.

For those calling for Kapler and Zaidi to go, this is disappointing news. Yet it is not surprising. Kapler and Zaidi have shown that they can make this team a contender even if the last two seasons have both ended in disappointment.

What would a manager Ron Wotus add in 2024? Given that the last remnant of the championship years, Brandon Crawford, will almost certainly not be back with the Giants in 2024, it is questionable whether his impact would be felt that much.

However, this is all just speculation because it seems all but certain that the Giants will be helmed by Kapler and Zaidi next season. It could be their last chance to prove that 2021 was more than a flash in the pan and that they can lead the Giants back to the postseason.

No matter how upset fans may be with the underperformance, they must endure another year of this duo calling the shots. We shall see if they make any meaningful changes on the roster, whether by trying to acquire more players that can play every day or adopting a more traditional approach to the rotation.

These are all questions for another time, but one question that is likely already answered is who will be managing the team next season. Even with that being said, the Giants will likely make changes to the coaching staff at the very least.