Could Kim Ng Replace Farhan Zaidi in the SF Giants front office?

With Farhan Zaidi on the hot seat, could Kim Ng replace Zaidi in the SF Giants front office?
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There is no question that the SF Giants president of baseball operations, Farhan Zaidi, is on the hot seat going into 2024. Could his replacement eventually be someone that they interviewed the last time there was an opening - Kim Ng?

Could Kim Ng Replace Farhan Zaidi in the SF Giants front office?

After two straight disappointing seasons, his handpicked manager Gabe Kapler was the one who was shown out the front door while Zaidi remains in charge. Zaidi has even acknowledged he is lucky to still be in his position. 

With fan discontent high, another disappointing season will likely result in Zaidi departing his role. If that does occur, who could be a good candidate to replace him?

Look no further than Kim Ng. Ng surprisingly parted ways with the Miami Marlins on Monday after helping to guide the Marlins to the postseason in her position as General Manager. 

Reports suggest that the Marlins planned to hire a president of baseball operations which would have forced Ng into a secondary role in the front office. Plus, Ng was looking for a three-year extension that is common after a successful season, but Marlins ownership only was as far as exercising their side of the mutual option. Ng declined her side, thereby becoming a free agency.

Ng has been in baseball for a long time, working in the front office for multiple MLB teams. She brings experience and a solid track record of turning a floundering team into a respectable contender. 

Ng will be sought after from teams with openings like the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox who have had front office shake-ups in the past few months. 

However, if Ng does not get hired to be a top decision-maker with any of the clubs needing a new head of the front office, she should be at or near the top of candidates the Giants look into hiring if the Giants go in a different direction from Zaidi after 2024. 

The work she did with the Marlins as GM was commendable. It even provides a good blueprint for how to help the Giants improve upon their recent mediocrity. 

Who knows, if Alyssa Nakken is hired as the manager of the Giants and they hire Ng next year they could even have the first ever female manager working with the first ever female president of baseball operations.

However, if the Giants turn things around and make the playoffs in 2024 then this would not matter as Zaidi would almost certainly be brought back in 2025. But if the current trajectory of the Giants continues and the team struggles in 2024, then Ng is a top name to look out for if she is available after next season.