Baseball America's latest mock draft has SF Giants taking power-hitting college bat

Clemson v Wake Forest
Clemson v Wake Forest / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

The MLB draft is right around the corner. Every major prospect publication comes out with a series of mock drafts that contain more substance as we get closer to the draft. Baseball America released its fifth mock draft with the SF Giants taking first baseman Nick Kurtz out of Wake Forest University.

Baseball America's latest mock draft has SF Giants taking power-hitting college bat

The MLB draft begins on July 14 and runs through the first two rounds. Rounds three through 10 follow on the next day and the final 10 rounds take place on July 16.

Giants fans will be focused on the first day of the draft. Of course, most fans will be, but the Giants hold the 13th overall pick and then they do not draft again until the fourth round. They lost their second-and-third-round pick in signing Matt Chapman and Blake Snell, respectively.

Not only that, but Giants also lost the bonus pool money associated with those picks. This means that they will have the fifth-lowest bonus pool money available in this year's draft. That 13th overall pick has a recommended slot value of $5.2 million, so that pick will take up a large percentage of their available bonus pool money. They need to make this one count.

Interestingly, many of the mock drafts have the Giants selecting prep arm Cam Caminiti out of Saguaro High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. Given that the Giants train in Scottsdale in the spring, there is a good chance that they got a long look at the young pitcher.

Selecting Nick Kurtz would be a pivot in a different direction. Baseball America does not envision the left-handed-hitting first baseman sliding much beyond the Giants' pick. He is in the midst of a strong third year at Wake Forest where he has slashed .306/.531/.763 with 22 home runs, 57 RBI, and 65 runs in 260 plate appearances. This includes 78 (!) walks against 42 strikeouts.

For an organization that values plate discipline, Kurtz brings that skill to the table. Plus, he has power to all fields with a max-effort swing. The 21-year-old does what modern hitting coaches like and that is hit the ball in the air, especially to the pull side.

Baseball America also lists Caminiti, Tres Yesavage, and Vance Honeycutt as some other prospects the Giants could take in the first round.