Around The Foghorn SF Giants 2022 Prospects Week

Spring has sprung.
Spring has sprung. / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Even though play at the Major League level will likely be delayed this year, Minor League baseball will proceed as planned. With a little over a month left before the beginning of the 2022 Minor League season, Around The Foghorn is excited to announce the comeback of Prospects Week and will hopefully be a recurring annual thing moving forward.

Around The Foghorn SF Giants 2022 Prospects Week

Around The Foghorn prospect expert, Wrenzie Regodon, will be releasing parts of his 2022 SF Giants Prospects Primer for the 2022 Prospects Week throughout the final week of February up to the first week of March. To enjoy the full coverage of the Prospects Primer with full reports of 150 SF Giants prospects, do consider purchasing it by clicking on the link above.

SF Giants Prospects Week Schedule

*Stories will include active links at 5:00 am PST on the scheduled day.*

It Is A Great Time To Be A San Francisco Giants Fan

It recaps the 2021 SF Giants season at the minor league level down in the Dominican backfields up to Triple-A Sacramento. The piece highlights the success the title-winning seasons of both San Jose and Eugene. It also mentions the player development success stories in both hitting and pitching fronts.

Introduction to the Top 30 Rankings and Scouting Philosophies

It tackles the scouting philosophies used in writing up a scouting report on every SF Giants prospect. The philosophies are refined over the past several years of self-assessment as well as feedback from several respectable folks in the scouting community. It also acts as a guide for others to scout on their own and develop their own sense of scouting be it in-person or by film study.

2022 Pre-Season SF Giants Prospects: 30-21

2022 Pre-Season SF Giants Prospects: 20-11

2022 Pre-Season SF Giants Prospects: 10-1

This is the one that you have been waiting for the most. The top 30 SF Giants prospects entering the 2022 season with complete tools grades, Present and Future Value, and a full write-up of each prospect mentioned. Separated into three parts.

The Top 30 Explained

Not every prospect rankings are created equal, but a ranking with zero context? That's unacceptable. It explains the thought process of ranking the top 30 prospects in the Giants organization as well as a brief talk on the value of relief pitchers.

The San Francisco Giants 2022 Prospects Depth Chart

After ranking the top 30 prospects as well as doing write-ups on 120 other SF Giants prospects, it is time to line them all up position-by-position and see which position group is either the strongest or the weakest in terms of talent and depth.

SF Giants Perceived Draft Tendencies Under Michael Holmes

SF Giants director of amateur scouting Michael Holmes has been calling the shots for the organization during the MLB Draft over the past three years. Based on his draft selections over the said amount of time, several tendencies were noted and this piece highlights those perceived tendencies with the hopes of helping us get a sense of what to expect in the future come draft day.

2022 Draft Prospects The San Francisco Giants Could Look For

After mentioning those said perceived draft tendencies, it is now time to apply them to the test with the 2022 draft class. This piece highlights potential draft targets in the 2022 class that the Giants could potentially draft in July covering both college and high school crop.

SF Giants Prospects AMA with Wrenzie

Wrenzie answers some of the spiciest SF Giants questions sent across multiple social media platforms and via Google Forms.