7 SF Giants fan favorites that have still not been signed this offseason

There are 6 SF Giants fan favorites that are still available in free agency this offseason. Does a reunion with the Giants make sense for any of them?
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Evan Longoria
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6. IF Evan Longoria

Acquired in a trade prior to the 2018 season, Evan Longoria never reached the same level he was at with the Rays as a member of the Giants, but he still had some solid years for the team.

He always seemed to hover right around the .240-.250 mark with his batting average and was good for about 15-20 home runs a year. He was also a solid defender for the team at third base.

He signed with the Diamondbacks last season and got a chance at a World Series title even though the D-Backs came up short against Bruce Bochy's Rangers. Last year he slashed .223/.295/.422 with 11 home runs and 28 RBI but only played in 74 games due to injury.

Injuries plagued Longoria during his time with the Giants as well. He will be entering his age 38 season so any team that signs him knows that will be part of the risk equation. But Longoria could still help a team as a veteran bench presence.

Kevin Pillar
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7. OF Kevin Pillar

Outfielder Kevin Pillar only played one season with the SF Giants in 2019, but he left his mark and won the Willie Mac Award that season. He provided a jolt to a Giants team that badly needed it and was an Iron Man for the team, playing in 156 games that year.

Since then, Pillar has played for 5 different teams. He has not had the same success that he did in 2019, but he could still be a solid outfield bench option for a team out there.

The Giants are set in the outfield as it is, so a reunion with Pillar would not make much sense for either side.

These are 7 SF Giants fan favorites that are still available in free agency. It will be interesting to see which players find new homes and which ones decide to retire. Nonetheless, they all left their mark while they were in San Francisco.